Mark is available via phone and instant messaging for readings and one-on-one tutoring.

As an Evolutionary Astrology counselor, Mark provides you with a unique perspective about the meanings of events, people and opportunities in life.

A reading utilizes your natal astrology chart to underscore certain core potentialities or dynamics within yourself and then to apply them to questions you may have, or as a way of understanding opportunities you may be experiencing for growth. In this way the symbolism of the natal chart can be allied to your current needs or experience in a way that can be, at its best, profoundly illuminating.

Readings are a shared process – your life experiences, questions and perspectives are combined with Mark's understanding of some of the deeper dynamics of life that come from years of experience as an Evolutionary Astrologer and Psychosynthesis Therapist.

Evolutionary Astrology Reading

Reading fee is $250.00 (USD).

Ongoing Counseling

For clients who have already had one Evolutionary Astrology Reading with Mark.
One hour session is $115.00 (USD).

Mark will contact you to schedule once your payment is received. Optionally you may contact Mark and schedule first.

Custom Payment Amount

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"Of the many things I appreciate about you, the thing that I appreciate the most is that you keep astrology RELEVANT for the individual. You keep it relevant to me and my clients on a personal level. You are just plain brilliant at bringing lofty ideas down to a heartfelt, soulful, USEFUL place."