Mark Jones Teaching Schedule

    May 23-26, 2019

    NORWAC Conference
    Seattle, WA

    Mark presents a pre-conference workshop and two lectures for the annual NORWAC astrology conference in Seattle.

    May 23: Turning Points: An Astro-Psychological Study of the Nature of Our Capacity for Transformation; May 25: Turning to Art: the Astrology of Artists finding their Calling; May 26: The Birth of the Modern Imagination: the Astrology of the 1890’s.

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    Astrology in WalesJuly 8-12, 2019

    Masterclass: The Leading Edge
    Newport, Wales

    ***SOLD OUT*** Contact us to be added to the waitlist

    This workshop will provide a supportive environment to explore one’s own leading edge of evolution as both an astrologer and individual through work with one of today’s leading astrological practitioners. Mark’s considerable experience as workshop leader, psychotherapist, and astrologer will be drawn upon throughout the week via extensive Q & A and individual consultation.

    Join Mark in his beautiful home environs for a transformative experience!

    October 3-6, 2019

    The Astrology of Transformation: The Nodal Axis as a Key to Personal Growth
    Lake Como, Italy

    Join Mark for his first astrology retreat in Italy!

    In this 5-day workshop, Mark leads an indepth exploration of the Nodal Axis of the Moon as an expression of your personal evolution. The workshop will explore technical issues such as planets conjunct and square the nodes as well as the way that the Outer Planets can influence the function of the Nodes. The workshop teaches a vision of astrology that is technically simple but psychologically and spiritually rich. The vision of transformation expressed in the workshop can inspire our personal journey as well as the way in which we work with our clients. The workshop will be with multiple complex case studies from Mark's extensive international clients base.

    LOCATION: Hotel Posta, Moltrasio, Lake Como will be the back drop, for our time together. Magnificent home cooked food and the Lake at our doorstep, this 17th century building is run by a wonderful Italian family offering true Italian style, and beautiful decor and elegance on found on Lake Como

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    Lisa +61 (0) 412013744 Australia
    Christine +30(0) 6906078905 Greece

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    The Outer Planets as the Bridge to the Soul

    The Outer PlanetsMark shares his most recent insights about the outer planets.
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