The Space between the Stars: The Nature and Function of the Planetary Nodes

by Mark Jones

Originally published in The Mountain Astrologer

The fact that the Moon has nodes is commonly taken into account by astrologers. What is not always known or understood is that all the planets have nodes. The essence of astrology is found within the ecliptic, since the circle of the zodiac itself is formed around it. Because the apparent motion of the Sun forms the ecliptic, it is the only body in the solar system that does not have a nodal axis.

South NodeIt is important to emphasize that there is no thing found at the north or south node of a planetary body; it is instead an abstract point in space that marks the intersection of the motion of the planet as it crosses the ecliptic. When the planet rises above the ecliptic, this forms the ascending or north node, and when the planet falls below the ecliptic, this forms the descending or south node. (See Figure, at left.)

During the Uranus–Pluto conjunction of the mid-to-late 1960s and very early ‘70s, Theodor Landscheidt initially presented a paper (1965) and then a workshop (1971) on the nature of the planetary nodes. In 1971, Dane Rudhyar published a pamphlet in the Humanistic Astrology Series: The Planetary and Lunar Nodes (CSA Press). During 1973, Dr. Zipporah Dobbins, who had attended Landscheidt’s workshop, published The Node Book (TIA Publications), which included her reflections on the planetary nodes.

Now, during the waxing First Quarter square of Uranus and Pluto, it seems an opportune moment to assess the importance of the revolutionary idea of the planetary nodes as originally presented at the onset of the current Uranus–Pluto synodic cycle. In the intervening decades, the recognition of the nodes’ importance — with some exceptions, such as the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green — seems to have slipped from collective awareness. I believe that the significance of the planetary nodes is worth our while to acknowledge at this time.

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One to One: Psychotherapeutic Insights for the Astrologer

by Mark Jones

Originally published in The Mountain Astrologer

Counseling SessionThe ideas presented in this article are meant as a commentary on the nature of two people coming together for an astrology reading. In exploring psychotherapeutic ideas for astrologers, I am not arguing for a psychological astrology, that is, a psychological method as the underlying astrological approach. This article is designed to introduce core insights from the world of depth psychology to assist the astrologer of any technical persuasion to understand some of the issues and dynamics that can arise when any two people meet for the purposes of guidance or healing.

An astrology reading involves a counselling dynamic. It sounds simple, but there is an underlying radicalism to what I am asserting: that regardless of your astrological approach — traditional, evolutionary, psychological, Vedic, medical, etc. — when an individual consults you for advice, help, and support, a therapeutic relationship comes into being, if only for one hour.

Furthermore, this is the case whether or not the client (or even, for that matter, the astrologer) is conscious of it. An astrologer may feel that they are simply disseminating their specialised information to a client; however, there is still a counselling dynamic that will stir certain forces within the client’s — and, potentially, the astrologer’s — unconscious. The reading may not occur in person; it may be recorded or in writing. Nevertheless, it includes a counselling aspect to the relationship.

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Review of Healing The Soul

Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes by Mark Jones, Raven Dreams Press
Softcover—268 pp.—$24.95 (ISBN 978- 0-9840474-0-6).
ISBN 978-0-9840474-0-6

Healing the Soul by Mark JonesBased on the author’s core belief that ‘you cannot begin to heal any problem until you understand its origin,’ this profound book by psychotherapist and evolutionary astrologer Mark Jones takes us right to the Plutonian heart of the soul issues we are here to heal and resolve.

Trained as a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist as well as with Jeffrey Green’s Evolutionary Astrology school, Mark has combined his experience with both approaches and created a step by step astrological methodology to work with soul issues.

Arranged into four main sections, the first part of this excellent book addresses ‘the Pluto Complex’. As expressed by the author ‘through Pluto, we become aware of the central evolutionary concerns stemming from deep within the soul…our deepest unconscious security needs and as a result, those behaviours that we default to under stress’. Hence Mark describes the Pluto complex as revolving ‘around the tension between ego and soul’. He includes a very helpful and depthful cookbook section on Pluto in the Signs and Houses.

The second section of the book describes the importance and nature of the Nodes of the Moon including Planets in aspect to the Nodes and a description of the Nodes by House and Sign.

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Book Review: Healing the Soul

Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes by Mark Jones, Raven Dreams Press
Softcover—268 pp.—$24.95 (ISBN 978- 0-9840474-0-6).
Reviewed by Mary Plumb
This review originally appeared in the Feb./Mar. 2015 issue of The Mountain Astrologer and is reprinted with permission.

Healing the Soul by Mark JonesMark Jones’ Healing the Soul is a detailed discussion of his work as a psychosynthesis therapist who uses the astrological chart as an entryway into understanding the hidden forces that guide a person’s life. Although his astrological approach primarily follows the methodology introduced by Jeffrey Wolf Green, Jones makes a strong contribution to the genre with his rich psychological and spiritual foundation and his considerable therapeutic experience. He writes that his approach is “formed by the intersection of Robert Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis, Green’s Evolutionary Astrology, the spiritual teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, Esoteric Christianity and the integrative work of Dr. David Hawkins.”

The Evolutionary Axis, taught by Green, includes strong emphasis on Pluto, an analysis of which “provides the baseline understanding — the context — for the entire birth chart.” Jones writes comprehensively about this key idea in Chapter 1, “Pluto: The Poet’s Cookbook.” Further on in the book, he summarizes that he has found the Pluto placement to describe the “central compulsion — the orientation of the soul to a certain way of experiencing reality over multiple lifetimes.”

Chapter 2, “The Moon’s Nodes,” covers the next main factor used in Evolutionary Astrology work, again in detail, e.g., “skipped steps,” orbs, and planets square and conjunct the nodes. (Although Jones’ typical client work does not involve regression, the detailed case history he presents in this section includes insights from his regression sessions with the client after she spontaneously entered a past-life experience.)

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Dancing The Twelve Steps of Soul

Evolutionary Astrology & Personal Psychosynthesis

The authors, Keith Hackwood and Mark Jones, friends for many years, trained together in Psychosynthesis at the Synthesis school in Bristol and continue to develop their joint interests in many areas, including Tibetan Buddhism, the Hermetic tradition, Evolutionary Astrology and the creative & healing arts. Astrology and Transpersonal Therapy: Hand in Hand, Together: An exploration of the natural relationship between astrology and psychosynthesis.

Download the PDF: Dancing The Twelve Steps

Major Sky Interview 2008

Interview with Mark Jones from the (now defunct) online astrology magazine, Major Sky
Major Sky Issue 38 Aquarius Solar Eclipse New Moon 2008 12

Majorsky questions in bold. Mark's replies in plain text.

General information about your practice

Where do you live and practice? Bristol, England

Your specialty in Astrology?
Evolutionary Astrology/Psychological Astrology. My specialty is working with people on their life purpose, their journey of individuation, how to escape or process the chains and or patterns of the past, family/religious conditioning etc. Exploring the soulful dimension – why they are here in the larger sense (including potentially the dimension of what they might have been up to before) and how to go about actualizing this potential.

How long have you been practicing – How did it start?
It started through my study of Kabbalah in my early twenties, which led to a workshop in London with Warren Kenton/Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi on Kabbalistic Astrology. Then seemingly without trying I seemed to gain a reputation as an astrologer before I had any clue what I was doing…some would say this trend as continued in a slightly more refined form! Initially self-taught, reading Liz Greene, Sasportas and Arroyo, to be fair finally studying Noel Tyl’s Astrological Counselling Masters and with Jeff Green’s London Pluto School my capacities did expand somewhat.

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